2016 Recap- Mom + Design

I’ve started this post 5 times all around the subject of how 2016 brought more that a loss for us. I nearly lost my heart and mind.

This blog space has given me a little outlet and grounding amongst it all. I don’t know how much you read this blog or follow me but if you do, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
In January 2016 I started this blog with thousands of ideas only to execute a few. Few, but executed and I am grateful. Get ready for the links:

Fabiana Paolini was interviewed for #momsofmiami and our pictures came out great!

• This Mother’s Day gift guide got a lot of hits and still can

• I wrote a hilariously angry post about being a vegan mom. Not deleting it! I feel the need for public shame. Newbie bloggers, am I right?

• The book swap happened, with my kid on my hip and thanks to Gloria Baena and Ashlee Cramer, it happened. #thankyou

• The newsletter for moms is still going on! Sry for the temporary absence but sign up because there’re more events and posts coming up.

and lastly, the cherry on the top 😭:
• The New Tropic included us in this map and our picture was featured in their emails. #famous

2017 is finally here with promises and goals, and I all about that base. I wish everyone peace and health. Stay tuned.