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One part mom

Hi, it’s Lina here! I am a proud mom to an amazingly behaved one year old who gives me legit life. He’s corky as hell and a quiet smarty pants. His name is Logan and Wolverine is his spirit animal, hehe.

I am also mom to my tiny baby that left our earth too soon before birth, we miss him endlessly. We’ve buried our youngest recently, but I’ve found that being open about it has helped me heal in a small way. This blog has been my distraction in the mean time and I hope that through it it can support those who have lost their little ones as well. My 💗 is with you.

On the bright side, I hit the mega jackpot. You know, the lotto for husbands. I am an incredibly lucky wife to a super handsome bearded man who is beyond sweet and supportive since our paths crossed, he’s my peace, love and rock n’ roll.  

Oh! We’re Miami locals, duh, proud to call this summerland, home.

One part designer

I would love to tell you I am a painter but I’ve left that behind now and chose to be a graphic designer. It’s still art and I have lot of fun in this job field, so much that started my own company @anilinacreative to freelance. Among other fun things; my last office jobs were designing editorial and advertisement for fashion magazines and designing branding and packaging for a few brands. Also fun, I have a degree in Art and Art Education and I was a high school art teacher (so fun!) and art museum camp leader.

And the blog

I intend to share as much useful and concise information to parents based on my personal experiences. I also want to provide as much support as I possibly can to my local village. This space is to build our community, fortify it and make it look great.

Because of all the overwhelming clutter that parenting brings, I want to share a minimalist approach. That said, what I share here will be something that I personally agree with. Products and ideas that are environmentally conscious, vegan, sustainable, well designed and something that adds value to my life as a mom, wife, woman and designer.

Let’s Work Together?