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One part mom

Hi, it’s Lina here! I am a proud mom to an amazingly behaved toddler boy who gives me legit life. He’s corky as hell and is a quiet smarty pants. He came into the world at home in a very successful and peaceful home birth to his crunchy mom and his silly dad.

He’s my first but I am also mom two tiny babies that left our earth too soon before birth, we miss them endlessly. I had terrible luck with an ectopic pregnancy at 4 months and later I miscarried again for reasons unknown. I am still trying to find the words to these traumatic losses after a year and I’ll to share sometime in the future. If you’ve miscarried, my heart is with you. If you need someone to talk about it, feel free to reach out…I’ve been to hell and back.

On another note, with the second proudest things about myself (first is the birth of my first-born) is: My husband. I hit the mega jackpot in marriage! You know, I kinda won the lotto of best husbands 😍. I am an incredibly lucky wife to a super handsome bearded (and man bun-ned) guy who is magical, sweet and incredibly supportive of my crazy and hipster-y ideas. Since our paths crossed he’s been my peace, my love and rock n’ roll.

Although we’re not Miami natives and we were born in other parts of the world, we’re proud to be Miami locals. We’re proud to call this summer-land home where we’ve lived for decades. We’ve been lucky to have lived in South Beach, Wynwood, Miami Lakes and Little River. We’re crunchy as hell; we’re plant-based, we’re into “nooch” (for y’all hippies out there), we’re into extended breastfeeding, essential oils, home births, wooden toys, homemade cheese, almond lattes…you get it.

One part designer

I would love to tell you I am a painter (because my college major was Painting) but I’ve put that on hold for a while as I organically became a graphic designer instead. It’s the most natural form of art for me and I have a lot of fun in this job field, so much that started my own design and photography company @anilinacreative (currently under name change). Among other fun things; my last office jobs were designing editorial and advertisement for many fashion magazines and designing branding and packaging for a few other brands. Also fun, I have a degree in Art and Art Education and I was a high school art teacher – another passion of mine – and an art museum’s art camp leader for children 4-18yrs old.

And the blog

I intend to share as much useful and concise information to parents based on my personal experiences. I also want to provide as much support as I possibly can to my local village. This space is to build our community, fortify it and make it look great.

Because of all the overwhelming clutter that parenting brings, I want to share a minimalist approach. That said, what I share here will be something that I personally agree with. I support and promote products and ideas that are environmentally conscious, mostly plant-based, sustainable, well designed and something that adds value to my planet and my life as a mom, wife, woman and designer.

I promote local mom businesses in a section called Moms of Miami and partner with companies and brands to promote local community events like this one.

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