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Advertisement opportunities are available through email newsletters, exclusive ad banner space, event sponsorship and social media promos, and more.

Month-long exclusive ad space is available, only one sponsor per month. A banner from the sponsor will appear in the home page at the start of the month and will conclude with a linked post about the sponsor. Original photography, video posts and interview style options available.

Newsletters are sent twice a week with direct links to family events in Miami, related venues and local or small shops. Dedicated emails are available; the entire email is linked to one sponsor. One sponsor/email per month.

Shop spaces available and products showcased here.

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Moms of Miami

In an effort to support the local community AND my mom village,  M+D promotes mom-owned and operated businesses in Miami with a special feature, Moms Of Miami. The feature includes an interview of the moms and their businesses with a photo session included. This promotion is free of charge, however moms should meet the criteria; fully own and run their businesses and live or operate in Miami. Promotions are limited per month.

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I attend many events and classes with my little one and sharing with other parents has proven invaluable. Do you have a mommy-and-me class you want to share? or perhaps a parenting class we should know about? Event announcements are showcased here, via email to our subscribers as well as promoted in our Facebook page.

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