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Inclusions in Blog

• Ad Banner $250

Month-long exclusive ad space is available, only one sponsor per month. A banner from the sponsor will appear in the home page at the start of the month and will conclude with a linked post about the sponsor.


• Business/Class Directory $80

Image or logo with a short 60 word count description in this directory. This inclusion stays on the directory for 6 months.


• Monthly Event Link in Directory $10

Direct links to dated event from the directory. If desired description of event allowed at a word count of 20. Images not allowed. No cost for this inclusion for free events.


• Sponsored Post $100 Photo/ $120 Video/ $80 Interview (with images provided)

Dedicated blog post review of product, class or event. Original photography, video posts and interview style options available.

Inclusions in Newsletter

• Business/ Class Mention in Newsletter $40

One mention per sponsor per month. Two ad spaces available.


• Monthly Event Link in Newsletter $10

Direct links to dated event in newsletter. Description or Images not allowed in this instance.


• Newsletter Feature Post $50

Excerpts and direct links to featured blog posts in header of newsletter.


• Dedicated Newsletter $80

Dedicated emails are available; the entire email is linked to one sponsor. One email per sponsor per month.

All posts and inclusions have social media coverage through one of the following platforms, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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