Converting Any Bag Into a Diaperbag

Neat bags by Good Mood Moon and Ethique212 

If none of the diaper bags out there fit the  your needs or style, fear not: you can make any bag a diaper bag- like, a legit one. Clearly all and any purse you own has already experience this with wipes and raisins and Cheerios at the bottom of it. So, this time we’ll make it a proper diaper bag with a really cool addon. Enter: The EDC concept bag. (Every Day Carry)

For more bags to convert check this selection here! and here!

Herschel Neoprene Chapter Travel Kit White/Black Neoprene here

Keep your bag in check and contained. Wet things stay were they have to be and snack stay put and out of your personal items. I once had banana all over my eyeliner pen and man, not funny. Ziplock and other plastic bags can do the job but how many of those will you constantly have to get? They’re still a mess and no, you cannot recycle plastic bags in your conventional recycling bin, people. These bags are also great for quick transitioning of bags, like when dad needs a manlier bag you can toss him these EDCs and he’s good to go.


Multi-Purpose Bags

Attachable organizers of different sizes to maximize bag space for any size of bag


Herschel Mesh Bag


Obersee Diaper Bag Conversion Kit

Convert any bag into a diaper bag!

Love your favorite handbag? So do we. So why not convert your handbag into a diaper bag now that you need a diaper bag? The Obersee Diaper Bag Conversion Kit is a 4 piece set that includes a Cooler Bag, Wet Bag, Clothing Cube, and a Changing Station. This kit allows you to easily convert your existing handbag into a diaper bag by giving you the organization and functional features of a diaper bag, without the need to actually have to carry a diaper bag!


Topo Designs Minimal Hip Pack

This little bag is actually perfect for those running around after the kid at a park. It has a clasp that can go around your waist (yeah, like a cool fany pack hehe) or across your body OR just carry it from the handles. Pack essentials and a little extra because it’s got enough space. Oh, great for dads too! It comes in 6 different color combinations. More here.


Changing Pad By Playtex

This baby colapsable changing station has a perfect portable infant changing pad with essential compartments.


Petunia Pickle Bottom Capable Changing Kit

Be more than prepared. Be capable—with everything you need to temporarily convert your Sons of Trade bag into a covert mobile diaper changing station.