Do: 6-18months Babies’ Activities in Miami

On an another post I talked about the importance of going out with my baby in the first few months. Now that my baby moves more and eats like a teenager I not only have to carry more things but have plans A, B and C all very well scheduled otherwise we never make it out of the door (I share a car remember?) So, don’t be discouraged even if it’s tiring. Yes, there will be heavier diapers, more cleaning than breathing and lots of chasing but always remember that “[the days] are long but the years are short” and I encourage you to take all the time you can to go out and enjoy your kids.

Once the babies are entering toddlerhood or are beginning to crawl and are on the move it’s fun for them to see other babies and explore, imitate and observe them. Check out some of the activities and classes available to take these love bugs. Like in many states there are classes available such as Gymboree and My Gym, but I wanted to share some of our local programs for babies as follows:

Key Biscayne Library Mommy and Me Storytime FREE

Key Biscayne

Fridays 11am- 11:20am. Stories and musical activities for children up to 18 months old and their caregivers. This story time is only 20 mins, so plan in advance to park and settle in the space with your kid(s). This is really a sweet time to share with your baby and for your baby to experience this with other babies even after story time is over!

Meet up Playgroup @ The Gathering Place FREE

Buena Vista/ Upper Eastside

Kids of all ages welcome. If you want to make new friends, meet your “neighbors” and spend time with your children, consider joining our weekly playgroup! For entertainment on a regular basis, the playgroup is unmatched. Weekly playgroups provide an enjoyable diversion where children can play with friends while their moms talk or where all the members can create a structured mom-child activity.

Miami Beach Regional Library Baby Storytime FREE

Miami Beach

Thursdays 10:30am – 10:50am. Soothing stories, songs and finger plays for babies up to 18 months old and their caregivers. Space is limited. Registration until event start time. Like the Key Biscayne Storytime above, plan time for parking and settling in. The room is spacious and available to play and meet with other babies afterwards.

Miami Children’s Museum FREE and $

McArthur Crossway (Downtown Miami/ Miami Beach)

Target Free Third Friday of each month 3pm-9pm. Kids of all ages welcome. Leave strollers at home for this one if you can!

Mini Mondays $8 (for Miami-Dade Residents): A special program with sensory activities for babies and kids under 5. They engage all of their senses with painting, sand play, story times, and a puppet show. There will be no group visits on these mornings. Takes place every Monday.

Play In $$


This space features an area designed for babies and many other programs from yoga, mommy and me to art and therapy classes. It’s in the heart of Wynwood where afterwards you can enjoy sometime strolling around to take pictures of your kids!

Open-play area:

This area is wonderful for your baby to explore. $12 for “Walkers” (under 3yrs), $3 dollar socks or bring your own (required for kids and adults too!). Weekdays only unless announced on their social outlets. Call beforehand!

The Baby and Toddler Space at Play-In is designed for little ones constantly on the move. It features age-appropriate playground structures for small children to engage in active play, explore their surroundings, and learn in a stimulating and safe environment. Babies and toddlers are starting to take in the world around them, and have a quest for adventure! Our colorful soft play equipment, complete with climbers, slides and mats indulges babies’ senses, while our toddler house with tunnel and slide provides endless hours of child entertainment.

Mommy and Me Montessori Class

6-16 months (bilingual) Mondays and Wednesdays 10am- 11am. $35 per class  OR 4 classes: 1x p/wk: $120 OR 8 classes: 2x p/wk: $200

-Learn about the Montessori method of teaching, and actively participate in early learning with your infant

-Bond with your child

-Receive support in parenting your little one on topics such as sensitive periods, the home environment, movement, order, sleep patterns, independence and language acquisition.

Planet Kids Playground $


Open-play center $10 per child, socks required for all. A Playground with an area designated for babies and toddlers under 3yrs old. The area features a variety of toys and sensory areas that area safe and age appropriate. This center features a cafe and tables for parents to enjoy! The company was recently acquired by new owners and more features and classes are being added. Check them out!

Temple Beth Sholom $$

Miami Beach

Tons of activities for almost every stage of your baby through infancy and toddler years.

Bouncing Babies (6-12 months): You and your baby will participate in play-based activities which support cognitive and social development while learning solutions to common parenting challenges.

Movers and Shakers (11-18 months): Energetic toddlers move and play with a sensory experience through art, circle and story times.

Young Explorers (18-24 months): Your toddler will explore and discover through music, art, outside time and sensory play, while learning and practicing social skills.

Music Together® (Birth-4 years):

Take part in an internationally-recognized early-childhood program based on the philosophy that all children are musical.

Kick and Play (12-24 months): Your child will learn pre-soccer movements that encourage the use of the lower body in order to improve balance, coordination and kicking abilities.YogaMusic Dance (3-24 months) improve your well-being by incorporating exercise, stretch and relaxation while you explore new movements with your baby.

Toddler Yoga $

Bal Harbour

Through the physical practice, yoga enhances body awareness and nurtures flexibility and freedom of movement while growing corresponding self-confidence.With tots you have them try it standing while holding their hand or leaning on the wallKids of all ages love yoga and can do yoga. Let’s give more children the opportunity to experience this gift of yoga. With it, they will gain valuable tools for health, confidence, balance and it will bring out their light now and in the future.

SillyMonkey $$

Coconut Grove

Monkey See  Program, Saturdays 9:30am, Fridays 11am. 8 months to walker. Start your 8 consecutive week session ANYTIME, ANY DATE, ANY WEEK. 1 Hour class a week plus open play time. ALL MATERIALS INCLUDED $190. From the curious crawler to the wobbly walker, Monkey See is a solid hour of discovery!  The class is divided into  3 sections, each 15-20 minutes. MUSIC, SENSORY (experiencing different textures including slimy, cold, gooey and messy), and  PLAY TIME in our indoor playground.

Baby Stars Mommy and Me $


Ideas on pricing: Purple stars (3-6months) cost $198 for 8 classes and for Blue Stars (13-17 months) $240 for 8 classes.

Our Mommy and Me program is one of a kind! Our classes take place in 5 different rooms designed with specific games and activities to develop important skills in children. Each class is a fun, interactive, multi-sensory experience for the caregiver and child. Classes are for babies and children ages 2 months to 3.5 years of age.

Zumbini® $


I cannot recommend this class enough! Ashlee Cramer, the instructor, is a sweetheart and is incredibly good in getting kids and babies’ attention. The program derives from the Zumba class for adults but tailored for babies 6 months to about 3yrs old. There is a variety of eclectic music played through the class which you and your baby will dance, play instruments and waive scarves to. You mustn’t chat with other adults during class! It disrupts the kids flow of focus and exploration, let them get carried away. Lots of class times to choose from, even Saturdays!

Do you have any recommendations of a place or activity you loved or what were your experiences with the activities above?