Eat: 10 Best Eating Tools for Toddlers

This is a quick review of some of the products that I own or have read great reviews about and are on my shopping list. My kid is almost 1.5 years old and thus, these products are appropriate for ages 9mos-2+ years.

Here are 10 great eating tools and gear for toddlers. Dinner may commence!

Lollacup $16

This straw cup has a weighted straw that allows for drinking at all angles. Plus, this amazing brand has a great design and was featured on Shark Tank. Get the scoop!

Fruit Friends Plate by Buddy + Bear $13 at DLK

Design, design, design. Buddy + Bear has a great line of dinner wear that is gorgeous, slick and entertaining while eating. Some help huh?

“Looking Dapper” by Make My Day $17.99

Enough washing cloth flimsy bibs. And can we talk about all those falling bites? This bib has been perfect for us in restaurants, planes and at home. Use it, wash it with soap and water anywhere, fold, repeat. Can we win during feedings, yes ma’am!

EzPz Mini Mat in grey $19.99

This plate has been a life saver when traveling or going to a restaurant with very hot or too delicate plates for the kid. It suctions to the table and it fits on our IKEA BLAMES Highchair tray. My kid eats a ton so this plate is usually refilled a good 4 times to the top, if you want more space you might want to check their bigger plate mat. This mini mat holds 2oz on the top two compartments and 4 oz on the bottom one (the smile 🙂 )

SMASKA 6-piece feeding/baby spoon set $2.99

Great value for the price. These are not only entertaining but also effective to quickly feed. The spoons aren’t too big to fit baby’s mouth and are very light for them to feed themselves.

DOMBO CUP by Gispen $26
DOMBO CUP by Gispen $26

The design of this cup is specially designed for kids to learn how to drink from a regular cup. Dishwasher safe. 7 Colors available.

Ultimate Bib Junior, Moonbeam $15.99

A giant bib that covers 70% of the kid lol and can help you protect clothes while exploring new foods. Tame the mess, lady.


These plates are recycled, economic and very durable. Not many white plates are kid friendly that can be both functional and match your (my) dinnerware. Something’s gotta match right?


While on the go this lids are life savers. If it’s a restaurant or while visiting at grandma’s every cup can turn into a kid-friendly cup. Slip on and done!


Do you recommend any other products? Have had experience with any of these? Do share!