IKEA Hack/ Bench cushion upgrade

My little munchkin has out grown a lot of things as you know but I refuse to move on from certain things without giving them a second though.  I love up-cycling and recycling things and this opportunity presented itself when I wanted to make a reading nook for my family. Enter: IKEA Playmat Hack.

We gave the PLUFSIG playmat a good use. I even napped there a few times 😅. Now, it was time for a change. A little skill here and there put to good use and we got a neat new stylish reading bench!

The playmat measures 30 3/4×72 7/8 ” but for this project I only used 2 panels to cover the bench (IKEA’s TV Unit with 3 compartments, Besta) that measured 70 7/8×15 3/4×15 “. The mats are not flush to the edges of the unit but they still do cover most of it.

I picked a high contrast fabric to make it pop. Fabric was 38″ wide x 59” long, a bit over a yard although I did have a few inches extra that were tucked in at the ends or at the long seam that I kept. You can order fabrics from here I’d recommend 1 yd but 2 yd would be a good backup and saves you a trip in case you want to repeat the process, remember there are more panels that you can cover up and reuse!

The process

Step 1: Separate 2 individual panels. Detach from the seam to contain the foam and its original cover.







Step 2: Fold fabric in half inside out and iron the long way


Step 3: Measure the width of the mat from around the edge to the other side of the edge, mine was 16″ wide. And measure and mark widths of fabric accordingly.

Step 4: Keep fabric inside out and folded, sow along the length of the fabric following the measurements

Step 5: Reverse the fabric to the right side of the fabric. You should have a long pillowcase or ‘tube’ kind-of- piece. Then, insert mats, like you would pillowcases to pillows.








Step 6: Hand-sow ends shut. Fold the fabric inwards like the ends of a paper-wrapped present. Align well and sew using any of these techniques to close ends.