Maternity Wear: Chic, Cheap…Cheerio!

Now that I’m just in that second trimester I am definitely not fitting into my clothes except for the quintessential yoga pants and a long black dress…and my husbands clothes! Thanks, honey.

Being the second pregnancy I know how short-term and expensive a new set of wardrobe can be. So, should I stick to the only 3 pieces that fit me? Are you going to do the laundry 5x a week for me? 😬

Brands like HATCH COLLECTION have the most exquisite a versatile designs for pregnant women and with what variety! Hear that, yoga pants?! Oh but wait, $200+ per piece is not doing it for me. Thanks for the inspiration though. It’s a good to know that the vision of well designed pregnancy clothing is not too far fetched.

Luckly, with a bit of research I found options to stay in line with budget that copy brands like the one mentioned above and not look like I wear pajamas all day…although…mmm pajamas are so good to you and belly all day…yum. More after the jump:

The Summer Dress

Striped Dress at RoseGal $11.02
Summer Dress at Yesstyle $14.90










The Jumper

Maternity Jumpsuit in Oldnavy $28.18
Bluebelle Maternity Lounge Relaxed Jumpsuit at ASOS $38










Bali Jumpsuit Dress by Orchidea Boutique $69
Mommy Go Round Maternity Jumpsuit at $12











The Spring Dress

ASOS Maternity Premium Bonded Fit and Flare Dress $31
Maternity Crochet Vee Dress – Liz Lange® for Target $29.99










The Pants

Mamalicious Ditsy Floral Pants ASOS $29
Maternity Low-Panel Crepe Drawstring Pants Old Navy $20










The Top

Maternity Tank With Sheer Insert And V Neck ASOS $9.50
Bohemian Tank Top at RoseGal $13.10