Mom is Drawing 

Meet a talented mom who is drawing, Joy Hwang. Joy found a creative outlet as @momisdrawing while being a SAHM. Being an artist requires a lot of emotional and mental capacity, something motherhood takes a hold of…almost completely. She, however, has been able to use it as inspiration for these drawings.


Her drawings are incredibly sensitive and powerful at the same time.

Every moment is worth it and every drawing reminds me of how magical those short and delicious moments are. That’s exactly what motherhood is, magical.

Pumping sucks (pun intended) and not sleeping at night is the worst. Even though, motherhood in theory sounds dreadful there is an immeasurable amount of love that you have for this little being that is worth every sleepless night, pumping session, crazy diaper change and the like. 🙂


Something like this is hard to capture, even in images but Joy in her drawings has been able to convey all the struggle/ love it takes to be a mother in a very whimsical way.

If you’re a mom, you can relate to these drawings. Wether you breastfed, woke up repeatedly at night and struggled with being at work or being creative amongst it all, you will appreciate these drawings.

Joy and I have known each other for years. We have coincided in school, work (where we met our husbands) and having kids almost all the same time! Today we share ups and downs with our careers while being SAHMs and we exchange midnight (or 3am) texts about the struggles of mompreneurship. She inspires me to be creative and I am glad I’ve found her and her work. I am amazed at her talent and the ability to convey such magic.

You can share these drawings with your friends or send them a card here and using code MOMANDDESIGN15 for a 15% discount 🙂