Moms of Miami: Carolina Baena @jetlagmode

Carolina is a super down to earth mom with an incredible taste for fashion. She has a very unique style which resembles the tropics, all its colors and perfectly paired textures. Her creative instincts are just as dominant as her business ones and her humble (and hilarious) charisma makes of her a wonderful conversationalist.

Carolina’s business is called Jetlagmode, her online store that sells beautiful handmade jewelry made by Colombian and Guatemalan natives. Her business not only gives back to these communities by providing jobs (specifically to a group of single moms 😉) but it also gives a portion of the sales from Jetlagmode back to help these villages’ infrastructure. Learn more here.

We worked together on this shoot and we laughed at the #momlife situation of it all. You see, we went out all ready to work…with out kids in tow. My husband was fortunately available to come along and to watch my son for a bit – then also to watch little Oli, Caro’s baby, when she woke up. Imagine us literally strolling around the Design District, me with camera equipment and Caro in this fashionable outfit and my husband with two kids. Just us taking pictures 😂

Quite the scene, but worth it. Check it.

Mom + Design – Where did Jetlagmode start and how did it get its name?

Carolina Baena –Jetlagmode started thanks to my jetlag addiction! I used to travel a lot and in each trip, I looked for special accessories and fashion items as my souvenirs.

When people in the streets started asking me where did I get that bracelet, that necklace or whatever I was wearing; a very cool idea came in to my mind: Why not do it as a business?

I started selling to my friends and then more and more people was interested in my products. That got me into great collabs with artists all around Latin America, until I decided to create my “real” brand. Only with my own designs, but with an amazing team behind!

I want to rescue the local art and give an opportunity to artisans in countries like mine. My responsibility is to create modern and chic pieces inspired by our authentic techniques and they; the artisans, are the real magicians! Their hands are pure gold and I want to let them know that, and pay a fair price for what they do.

My Jetlag addiction got me into this incredible project and that’s why I chose that name.

We [moms] don’t what to feel failure, but sometimes we just do, and it’s ok. I learned that in this process I need to be a little bit more easy-going with my work.

M+D – What does a typical work day look like for you? How does motherhood fit in this day?

CB – Chaos! LOL, just kidding!

The reality is motherhood + entrepreneurship are a difficult mix, but I think we’re all super woman and at the end we always figure it out.

My routine, to feel that I’m taking care of all that matters to me is:

I wake up and do exercise (that’s my energy boost and internal peace), then I’m enrolled in very interesting classes with my baby during the mornings. After that I run to my home to cook a delicious lunch (I hope) and to get ready for the work day.
So, my afternoons are between emails, events and photoshoots, but everything next to my BFF, my adorable daughter Olivia. Sometimes I feel I’m a robot or something from another world, because I just do it, even when I’m extremely tired. But the regular feeling is happiness! Having the opportunity to have my dream job, the most beautiful baby (inside and outside) and feeling productive is priceless.

I don’t have any help for now, but life is working. Sometimes it looks stressful because you’re always running, but it’s worth it!

M+D -What are some frustrations about work/life balance that you have been able to overcome?

CB – Finding the time and patience to do it all! We don’t what to feel failure, but sometimes we just do, and it’s ok. I learned that in this process I need to be a little bit more easy-going with my work. I’m super organized and responsible and sometimes my brain fails me, I have sooooo many things in my plate that is normal to forget or to take a little more time than usual.

M+D -Where do you find inspiration to be creative in your work?

CB – In my travels! Local art and crafts, are my obsession. I get so inspired by different cultures and techniques I find all around the world, specially Latin America.

M+D -Who do you admire, both as a mom and entrepreneur and why?

CB – Regular women like us, like you and me. My warrior friends, that are fighting for their dreams. Regular women that struggle and then they just keep going.
I don’t admire the super celebrity that looks perfect, I admire all the amazing women that I’ve meet through my journey and they’re the people that gives me strength to keep this boat floating, even during the biggest storms.

M+D -What can you recommend to moms that are starting their own business while taking care of their children at home?

CB – Be constant, be disciplined. Nothing that really matters comes easy!

Try to be as organized as you can, having a good and REAL schedule are the key for your busy days. Don’t push yourself to do impossible things, be honest and do your best but stop being an overachiever.

Go step by step and the most important thing: do everything with love! Your baby is absorbing everything from you, so find the balance and learn how to say no sometimes.

And Moms please don’t forget about yourself! Do something that makes you feel truly happy every day. Do yoga, meditate, go for a run, take a relaxing bath. Whatever you feel that you need. You’re as important as all thats happening around you.