Moms of Miami: Graziella + Ana

It’s refreshing to find moms in Miami that have this passion for well designed kids toys and decor. Graziella and Ana bring to Miami a store like no other in town with handmade and consciously made items. Items that are a piece of art on its own. If you’re looking to gift to a mom-to-be or a curious baby, consider the qualities that Luna Lunera offers. Gifts made with love that are one of a kind. If you’re a mom, you know these are the kinds of gifts you wished you got on your baby shower, wouldn’t you?

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Mom + Design: How did the name of the store come about and what does it represent?

Luna Lunera: We knew we wanted a name that represented the simplicity, playfulness and magic of childhood. We found the perfect fit, when we heard our little ones singing Luna Lunera, which is sort of a nursery rhyme, if you will, that is very popular in many Spanish speaking countries, and to us encompassed all the warm feelings we were in search of.

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M+D: What qualities did you look for in the products that are now sold in Luna Lunera and where do they come from?

LL: We look for unique, well-made and well-designed products that are also respectful and empowering to both makers and users. Since we both have Latin American roots, it was the natural starting point in our search, however, we are proud to have found makers from all around the world that are guided by the same beliefs.


M+D: What inspires the desire to bring wooden toys and handmade products to your customers? Do you think these products are important to the way kids play or interact with the community?

LL: Without a doubt, the main inspiration behind Luna Lunera is our little ones. Everything started with the desire to protect their childhood, to make sure it is as simple and magical as it can possibly be, given that we live in urban areas.

“..we are huge believers of turning technology off, to allow our little ones to develop their own ideas, on their own pace.”

To answer the second part of your question, there are 3 main beliefs that guide everything we do. First, we are huge believers of turning technology off, to allow our little ones to develop their own ideas, on their own pace. Second, we want beautifully designed everything, because who wouldn’t!? And last, we believe in respect, and we mean that in every possible sense. We look for products that respect the environment, the people who make it, and also the (little) people who will use it.

Tips for Nurturing Your Kids Imagination and Playtime by Luna Lunera

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M+D: What are Luna Lunera’s plans in the near future?

LL: We want to keep updating our offer (check our website soon for more toys!), and building deep connections with families everywhere. Follow us on instagram @lunalunerastore