Moms of Miami: Lauren Arboleda @foodfromtheheart

I met Lauren through her book, and the fan I was I followed her on instagram and sent her a DM with an insult, oops, I misspelled something in Spanish and omg the embarrassment 😅. Where is autocorrect when you need it?!?!! She was a sweet heart about it and thought it was hilarious, thank you goodness gracious.

Later on, I can say gladly that we finally met in person at @powermommas and recently we got together to take these pictures at her beautiful house with her family. I love her energy when she’s in her element and love her projects and her values. Lauren at her age is a very accomplished entrepreneur. She has published her book Pregnancy From The Heart and runs her business with her Guaguita selling homemade healthy goodies. In addition to that she hosts cooking demos and workshops for specific audiences, most recently she hosted a fertility diet workshop (which I OBVIOUSLY attended) and coming up on Nov 28 is her Kid’s snacks cooking demo. Lauren is a forward thinker and self-taught chef with a talent for combining and reinventing flavors. She’s not only great at making these dishes but she also focuses her practice on the type of energy that it takes doing it all. This is the core belief of Food From The Heart. The idea of having the best ingredients – like those that are organic, well sourced and that are the most nutritious for your body – as the first step. Then, the energy that comes with preparing it all, the positive intention and the love that is being poured into making food (for yourself and others), from the heart.

I’m so drawn to this idea, particularly because I’m not a fan of cooking and all the things that come with it…like doing the dishes (right? dear husband? hehe)

I remember she mentioned something like this in her workshop “if you’ve got to cook, do it with love…and if it comes with doing the dishes, do the dishes with love too because all this energy is what help us make our food more nutritious”.

Mom+Design: Where and when did your passion for cooking start?

Lauren- Food From The Heart: It all started growing up in Colombia where we had fresh homegrown produce from the farm and with a desire to cook my own meals using new ingredients. I loved coming home from school and cooking my own lunch, how weird! Now I miss someone cooking for me! On the other side my parents always encouraged a health-conscious environment, and taught me that healthy eating and an active lifestyle were the keys to a happy life. So I came to college growing up in that mindset and I continued cooking more and more. I loved how I could make everyone around me happy just by cooking from the heart, so I couldn’t stop cooking since then.

M+D: What was the process of the book project like?

L: I always dreamed about writing my own book, but it was not until I got pregnant unexpectedly that I was truly inspired to sit down and make it happen. It was hard!!! OMG, especially during pregnancy; hormones, tiredness, you know…and then finishing everything up with a new-born. But everything in life is possible if you are truly passionate and if you do things with love. I tried to work on my book whenever I had the time, following my to-do list as flexible as I could, trying to make it a true outcome of the best energy and coolest vibes possible. When I was’t feeling it, or I was to tired, or to busy, I just took it slowly. So yeah! It took me two years to write and self-publish my book Pregnancy from the Heart.

Mom+Design: Do you separate work from family or don’t separate? How do you balance both?

L: It’s a hard question! I think I don’t! My family is my work, cooking for them, looking after them (by “them” I mean my husband, baby J and two doggies!) I try to work-work (blogging, social media posting, plan workshops) whenever I can! When baby J is napping or not destroying the house or late at night when he goes to sleep. Hubs helps me soon much! We both work from home so we are a team. He is also my gardener, barista and #GuaguitaFromTheHeart ’s driver and helper!

How do I balance everything? As I said once in a blog post “Balancing everything as moms, is like dancing a 24/7 song and it’s up to you on how you move to it. It can be very synchronized, wild, delicate and gentle. However it may be you make that movement… but at the end of the day, the purpose of the dance is to enjoy and celebrate OURSELVES every single day (our little one’s smiles, hugs and little voice do more than the trick!)” you can read more here :

Mom+Design: How does a typical “working session” look like? 

L: Just picturing it in my head makes me smile. Me cooking, baby J taking everything out from the drawers or climbing up the dinning table or quietly playing with my makeup or adding “extra notes” to my agenda. Then me fixing up the plate to take a pic, baby J wanting to eat it right away or take a bite from it, Enzo and Vera (our doggies) waiting for the moment when he drops a crumb to the floor…hubs out in our garden (“Huertica from the heart”) grabbing me some extra parsley or chives to garnish the dish. But I guess it all starts at 7 AM when a little monkey starts calling me “ma-ma, bye-bye, chao-chao, ma-ma”  and ends at night when I’m in bed asking hubs to rub my feet.

Mom+Design: If you’ve faced overwhelming moments as a mom/ entrepreneur what have you done to over come it?

L: Breathing, (after crying maybe haha, I cry easily) taking a moment to digest the situation then calling hubs to tell him every detail. Then I play salsa, have a glass of wine and some dark chocolate and I start cooking some more to cheer my spirits up. After a not-so-good day I’ll take a long bath at night and meditate to get centered again.

Mom+Design: What can you recommend to a mom who’s looking to start her own business?

L: You go do what really makes your heart sing! If you put your heart and soul into everything you do things will start falling into place. Just do it from the heart!

Follow Lauren on instagram at @foodfromtheheart and find her delicious book Pregnancy From the Heart at

Sign up to her workshops here, don’t forget mommas this Nov 28 is the cooking demo for kids (Spanish version).