My Favorite Baby App

Baby Sparks App: My absolute favorite app for babies is this one. It has kept both my baby and I entertained and engaged. Depending on the age of your baby there are activities to help them start developing some basic skills. Starting with showing with things like looking side to side, rolling over, grasping objects close to their hands, crawling, using the sappy cup etc. Read along about the benefits and areas of development it offers:

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350+ baby development-boosting activities for infants 0-12 months. Designed by experts, used by parents around the world. BabySparks gives you the activities, milestone information and customized programs to support your baby.

The BabySparks iPhone app (Android coming soon) is a playbook full of baby development-boosting activities that empowers parents to know exactly what to do and when to do it to help their children progress across key development areas. The seven areas of critical development are Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cognitive, Speech, Sensory, Self-Care, and Social-Emotional. BabySparks is an all-in-one development solution for moms and dads of newborns, infants, and babies. It includes both month-by-month critical development information and hundreds of development-boosting activities for babies 0 –12 months old.


Each activity is age-specific, so that parents see only activities that are appropriate for their baby. Every day a parent can access a collection of 9 – 13 activities suggested for their baby’s age and development level. Or they can search by their specific needs (at the beach, focused on rolling over, or only fine motor activities). Each activity includes a demonstration video, a text description, and a list of any necessary tools to do the activity (like toys or other objects found around the house). As activities are mastered, the content adjusts to meet the specific development needs of the child. Developed by child development experts and parents, BabySparks is one of the best apps for parents of newborn babies, infants, and older babies to have a direct influence on their baby’s progress during the first year of life.