New Look, New Concept

Well not really a new concept. M+D is still a blog about motherhood only more focused on design- minimalist design and lifestyle, rather.

Recently I started following @theminimalists and listened to their podcast, watched their documentary and regained the interest that I had in college years. I won’t go into detail about it now but I highly recommend that you check them out at

I am happy to say I am fully committing to minimalism and with that I’ll be eliminating ads on the side bar. No more clutter in this site with too much of anything. This will allow me to focus on my photography and the content.

I will be sharing sponsored products in posts from time to time, if I personally agree with them and they meet the criteria of the blog; good design, sustainable, environmentally friendly and non-cluttering.

The tone of the blog will change as well. I have been through some real crazy shit loosing one of my babies and some absurd postpartum depression. The preaching was real on some previous posts. So, I solemnly promise to tone that shit down but keep the cursing, because something’s gotta stay real. I am better now, me thinks, and can only hope to help other moms with ppd and offer some kind of support through here as well.

Another thing I’m focusing on is community. This is sorta something new for the blog but something I’ve been planning for a couple of months. M+D will be sponsoring events and gatherings starting November. More on that soon but for now check out these events. I’d love to meet more moms face to face.

That’s all for now! Comment, follow, call me, let’s chat,