Play: 10 Wooden Toys for Kids

Here is a myriad of hand-picked wooden toys that are on my list for my kid’s toy wish list! For the sake of design and in support of small shops, I prefer wooden toys over plastic toys. Other reasons are my despise of mass produced plastic things in general that end up in land fills. Although brands like this one has been able to do something about this issue and I highly support it. Also, and most importantly, I seek out these wooden toys because of the immense benefit that they have on kids minds, allowing them to expand their creative capacity. These toys come from small shops, homemade businesses that understand this benefit. Read more ahead:


1.Tangram Freestyle Puzzle. Go cray on these! The possibilities are endless to draw, build and mix.


2. Bannor Toys – Florida State Wooden Baby Rattle. Because, one: GO GATORS! And two: This blog was born here, oh, and the kid too 🙂


3. Bannor Toys – Rough Terrain Jeep Set. For the parents like us who have Jeep fever and the kids who love discovering new terrains.



4. Hape wooden cars. Simple and easy to grab for little hands.


5. We live close enough to the airport to see planes go by and our LO is glued to the window sometimes and sees them! “Avian!”- we yell. I’m going to blow his mind when I hand him one of these. He’ll be holding one of those flying things he sees daily. So excited!


6. Stacking Rainbow Toy. I think that these type of toys let children appreciate and develop a design sensibility, if you will. Where they learn about patterns WITH shapes and textures. Not everything has to be frantically colored all the time, not even a rainbow.


7. Beautifully hand made and perfect for babies who love to explore. This set is great for gifts or to start your own wooden toy collection. Yes, collection! How beautiful are these? I want them all. #gottacatchthemall

I believe that playing pretend is an important part of a kids development. Some toys that are too noisy, are digital, have too many lights and rapid image movement and almost “hypnotize” kids and inhibits their ability to imagine and be creative at a very young age. Wooden toys are not only great for sensory development but are also passive, allowing the mind to be active. Passive toys allows kids to be in sync with their surroundings and open to social interaction.

Active toys create passive children.

A toy that does anything (think lights, sounds, movement) will entertain the child; all they need to do is press a button, sit back and watch. A toy that doesn’t do anything will demand engagement from the child; to play with it they need to actively use their imaginations. – From Luna Lunera on Tips for Nurturing Your Kids’ Imagination and Playtime


8. Wooden Helicopters. I told you I love these. Adding to collection!


8. Wood Sorting Bowls. I think it’s never early to start learning colors or coordination. Bowls seem to be a favorite in this house! Does your kid love bowls too?


9. Musical toy,  Round Xylophone. Did you think I was going to leave music behind? 🙂


10. The Kenny, oakwood guitar. Wooden toys be jammin’ I tell ya.

Do you have other favorite brands with great wooden toys? Do share!