Selling and Purging

It’s so wonderful to be able to get new things, toys and clothes for your kids, but they grow way to fast to justify purchasing (can I say ‘invest’ on?) so many AND expensive items. So purging becomes a habit and what do you do with it all? Here are some $olution$:

This is an online consignment shop. I asked for a label, sent a giant box of purged toys, clothes and shoes. They conveniently take pictures of your items and add all the details. Once items are in you can review the suggested pricing. How convenient, huh? All goes out at once! I’m still waiting for that last step on my items but I will update on the process.  Also should you find a good deal in an item (that you actually need! Don’t defeat the purpose of purging!) you can swap with someone else’s or use credit from your sales. Be the first to know and use my referral link to get free shipping when you order $20+.

Totspot App

Any of my baby’s clothing slightly outgrown goes here! I make a bag with lots of items first and then during nap time I take pictures of them all. Then (during the next nap), I list them and put them to work. Here’s how it works:

SELLING: Take clear pictures and tell us what you’re selling. Describe your item with words people will use to search.

SENDING: Once your item sells, we’ll send you a pre-paid, pre-addressed shipping label. When the buyer receives the item, you cash in.

Earn up to 80% back! Totspot earns you the most for your quality kids’ fashion with the least amount of effort. Use Code: RQNLIM to get $5 off.


Hate to pack and ship items? Sell them in your area and get paid by the buyer in person where you arrange to meet. Make sure you never share private information and try to meet in public areas. I’ve sold tables, chairs, a teapot, baby clothes, plastic toys, books and cameras and basically anything that is in my path through the hallway 🙂 All succe$$fully.

Facebook Mom Groups

There are thousands of groups on Facebook where you can sell your items either to ship, or if they are in your area you can meet to do the transaction. I have joined many moms in South Florida and I have sold many items. Just follow the tips from all other options above: Take a good image, provide details on item condition and size and finally, price it fairly. Be prepared to receive private messages with questions and details.

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 3.40.48 PM

A little PSA: Please use paypal transactions or cash on hand and never give personal or bank information to anyone even on PM’s. I usually ask to please send a payment to my email address via Paypal. Bonus points if you use shipping features through Paypal!