Read: Here is the Plan

Here’s the Plan.: Your Practical, Tactical Guide to Advancing Your Career During Pregnancy and Parenthood by Allyson Downey

In another post I mentioned something about doing more of what you were capable of. Woman are amazing at pushing the limits of their ambitions and succeed at it. Although I come from a SAHM view and I work for myself at home, this book talks about these types of hurdles and ambitions that women face through the peak of their careers in other settings (and communities) – all while becoming a mother- and it promises to be inspiring. Looking forward to reading this. You can find this book here and here. More from HERE IS THE PLAN:

For many women in their 20’s and 30’s, the greatest professional hurdle they’ll need to overcome has little to do with their work life. The most focused, confident, and ambitious women can find themselves derailed by a tiny little thing: a new baby. While more workplaces are espousing family-friendly cultures, women are still subject to a “parenting penalty” and high-profile conflicts between parenting and the workplace are all over the news: from the controversy over companies covering the costs of egg-freezing to the debate over parental leave and childcare inspired by Marissa Mayer’s policies at Yahoo.

Here’s the Plan offers an inventive and inspiring roadmap for working mothers steering their careers through the parenting years. Author Allyson Downey—founder of weeSpring, the “Yelp for baby products,” and mother of two young children—advises readers on all practical aspects of ladder-climbing while parenting, such as negotiating leave, flex time, and promotions. In the style of #GIRLBOSS or Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office,Here’s the Plan is the definitive guide for ambitious mothers, written by one working mother to another.

Have you read this book yet? Do share your thoughts in the comments. Or recommend a inspiring book for moms!