Recycling Playdate Event

We often like to spoil our kids with the latest and the greatest in toy fashion, but what we really are doing is inhibiting their innate ability to be creative with such bright, loud and intense toys. With this in mind, I collected a few items that my son kept playing with; boxes, cardboard edges, plastic and paper containers. He would play for over an hour by himself with these things and I remembered how he had enjoyed it earlier in our R.I.E. classes. Why not continue?

Behold The Recycling Playdate!

Often we find that with so many distractions of lights, buttons and screens, our kids do not fully get to use their imagination. Plots, stories, actions and characters come predefined with most toys and games. Ever seen a baby mesmerized by the idea of playing with a box or playing with wrapping paper? This is where we want our children to be often, to be genuinely and endlessly interested in the possibilities of what’s in front of them. Let’s play with non-distracting items and find out what they can become!

This event had one goal and it was to let them explore with passive items. To let them become creative and use their imagination. Much like a baby who’s interested in wrapping paper or a box, we want our kids to hold on to this sense of wonder and how can we foster this? By encouraging these type of toys and also playing and inventing new games with them.

This event will continue to happen through the year, sign up to the newsletter here and check the calendar here for more events coming up