Short Thought: Minimalist Life

In college I lived in a tiny room and slept in a twin bed and a few things that could easily fit in my car. Because of the small space, everything I owned was carefully thought and it had to be of purpose. I was into minimalism then, read a minimalist blog and wrote some poor essays about the subject on a old art criticism blog, more on that on another post for later.

Today I have more stuff than I anticipated and my kid has more stuff than I! It happened in the blink of an eye. Little by little we’ve reduced our stuff at home thanks to the guys of this film. They have added huge value to our lives, living with less has made us happier.

Watch @theminimalists and their amazing documentary, Minimalism; A Documentary About The Important Things. Check it out on Netflix. I am set out in the new year to live VERY lightly with my family, new home, blog and all.