Storage: Accessible Organized Toys

Room Styled with recyclable boxes by SISSY + MARLEY
FÖRHÖJA Wall cabinets, birch and white $14.99 at IKEA. DIY painted.













ISO (In search of) Storage boxes for toys. Why? Because we’ll never stop stepping on legos until our kids are off to college, I think. But in the mean time I will give those things an assigned place where they can also be accessed for my kids to play at will and stay away from our feet. Right, sanity?

The following is a collection of storage baskets and containers that bring order – or the idea of it – to the chaos of multiple particles of toys and do not turn into a visual mess of stuffed things. These can disguise the mess and look desirable to explore, for you too.

Storage under $30 seamed like a reasonable place to start and you’ll be surprised to find some great deals.

None of the links are sponsored, these are entirely my choices of containers for personal styling.


Reversible Canvas Bin Round Squiggle – Pillowfort™ from Target $7.99
KNAGGLIG Pine Box, $14.99, IKEA
Lego-Storage, Brick 8 in White at Houzz $28.46








Lego-Storage, Brick 8 in Black at my online shop, used $25
Household Essentials Medium Tapered Bin with Wood Handles, Ivory at Walmart $19
Cardboard Cubby Bins, 6-Pack on at $24.95 is a great deal for something more on budget, recyclable and environmentally friendly! Ideas on how to style these here.









For a clean airy look and easy to spot toys checkout H&M Wire basket on painted metal at $17.99 
These are boxes from Target’s new collection: Pillowfort. Found at The small bin $12.99 and large bin $16.00
These are boxes from Target’s new collection: Pillowfort An economic, minimal and functional design at Target$29.99!