Stroller Review: GB Pokit Stroller

The world’s smallest collapsible stroller. Guinness Record and all, GB’s most ambitious plans on going tiny came to life mid 2015 and it’s been a hit since. We recently  got it and here’s the good, the bad and the ugly. We tested it through Wynwood and gave it whirl. Went to a farmer’s market and tested  maneuverability and durability.

The GB Pockit stroller — officially the world’s most compact stroller — weighs only 9 pounds and can be folded small enough to be carry-on airplane luggage. Once folded — in one of two different ways — the Pockit is self-standing, snaps together, and can be carried easily. It pops back open in less than a second and can support kiddos from the age of 6 months to a weight of 55 pounds.



Not enough coverage from Miami’s sun

We walked through our neighborhood and although in the late afternoon the sun here is still beaming like whoa. You know, Miami sun. So coverage was crucial for us from all angles during walks and this stroller did not provide it at all. It does have a straight covering but I guess it could only work when the sun is right on top. We got creative and placed a shirt hanging over the side (where the sun was hitting) but it wasn’t enough. It makes me feel sad that this stroller does not have it.

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.06.22 AM

Not good for long strolls and cases of naps

Not only the sun was hitting us directly from the side on our said stroll but because of the time (and heat) of the day our kid fell asleep. The seat does not recline – yikes. My year-old kid slept for a bit but not the full-time nap that a stroll could potentially provide. He was sitting up and his feet don’t reach the foot support band so, dangling little legs we had. His neck was well supported with the straps but his back was starting to curve. I could see the seat fabric starting to sag back with time as my kid gets heavier.


Only flat terrain, no dirt or grass will have it

Through some flat terrain we were able to single-handedly push and stroll but when hitting some dirty, it was over. The wheels are tiny and stiff. Tiny and stiff is great if you’re in the city but if you’re going off-roading to a picnic or a playground with turf or grass, you’ll be stuck, friend. We pretty much had to drag it across this gravel patch from a parking space.


Incredibly light

At 9 lbs this babe is easy to carry in a bag if needed while you travel or decide to pack it up and go. Although it does not come with a bag in the box you can pretty much fit it in any large tote or beach bag and still have space for more! Also, when folding it I didn’t have to call the guys to pick up and place in the trunk, but I picked it up myself with one hand – so perfect if you’re taking the trolley or the bus while holding a kid!


Super easy maneuver

Maybe it’s the weightlessness of it that makes it easy to roll in any direction single-handedly. I was all about one hand turns and full 360 turns, because I could.

ABC Kids Expo 2015

Super fast and small fold (the reason for the fuss)

Folds at about 11.8″L x 7.1″W x 19.9″H (utlra-compact fold) or 11.8″L x 7.1″W x 13.8″H (compact fold). Easy to fold but…it does take practice to fold. The handles have these white buttons that will ignite the first push down. I folded it without bending the wheels for the most part and placed it in the back of the passenger seat (in front of LO’s car seat!) So. quick. I didn’t have to open the trunk! Also, fits in a bag – remember? I showed it of at many restaurants and I got lots of “whaaaat‘s”. Hell yea!

Screen Shot 2016-04-16 at 12.31.42 AM
Quick to strap and snap

When you want to be on the go with such an easily collapsible stroller, you don’t want anything else to stop you from that. So to strap in your kid is just as easy. Straps are sturdy and those shoulder/ strap pads do not come out of place. The shoulder pads are long and wide enough to provide comfort and support of the neck (depending of how high you like the straps).

Narrow, thin and short

We went to a farmers market and it was packed with vendors, customers and pets. We were able to squeeze through without a problem, move around quickly and make sharp turns. I didn’t hit anyone’s feet from behind nor ran over things or signs through the market. The wheels are well tucked in and don’t stick out to do such a thing.

Among other things

  • Storage is not big at the bottom, but in an effort to keep things minimal and quick to move around I don’t really care about carrying extra stuff. I’m all about de-cluttering and sometimes more space means more crap. Is it convenient? Yes, but not essential in my book.
  • We noticed the seat fabric was wearing out very easily. Although more colors are coming soon for this model I like to keep most gadgets black and Mountain Black was a perfect color for me. But the fabric was quickly fading at the edges and it started looking grey.
  • The seat is not all the way up right (or maybe my kid is nosier that I thought) and LO was constantly pulling himself up with his hands on the sides. He would get tired and sit back but he kept doing this constantly and I wished I could have pull the seat up more. Maybe it’s just us, but maybe not.
  • It’s small. It’s a very fancy stroller for people that love minimal design, live in a tiny space or car and/or live in the city where there the majority of the paths are absolutely flat and walks are relatively short and quick. It’s great for people on the go who are thinking of quick drops or pickups of their kids.
  • Great for traveling because when folder to its ultra-compact fold, it fits under the airplane seat! Or in the overhead compartment. OR (get creative here) inside your carry-on or checked luggage, whaaat!
  • Seat material is water friendly. In Miami we’re in swimming lesson season and in thinking of taking my kid to lessons (walking distance hopefully) I noticed a bit of water in the middle of the seat, and to my surprise it dried up super fast. Bonus points for making wet situations uncomplicated, Pockit, good job.


In Miami you can test and buy the stroller at BuyBuyBabyBabies’R’Us or purchase via Amazon.

Bottom line: We ended up returning it. Our strolls are long and our naps are too. Besides great design, budget friendly and dynamic features, we’re looking for comfort (and shade!). More reviews to come as we search for The One. Which one do you like best? Any recommendations for this #miamilife?