Cooking Demo: Que merienda un Mico?

Lauren Arboleda
Organizer of Cooking Demo: Que merienda un Mico?
Founder of Food from the Heart, Self-taught Cook, Health Coach & Author. Lauren Arboleda was born in Colombia and currently resides in Miami, FL. She has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Miami and is a certified nutrition coach from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York.
Aside from being a proud wife and mom, Lauren is head over heels for food (real food)! The reason why she started with this journey. Through Food from the Heart, Lauren teaches to put their hearts into every step of the cooking process, from selecting the best organic ingredients and products, to fusing the art of food with our five senses and good taste. Food from the Heart’s main goal is to serve quality, healthy and delicious food from our hearts.
Lauren’s entrepreneurial spirit only grew stronger when she became (unexpectedly) pregnant. She wanted to share her experiences and nutritional knowledge with the world; as a result, “Pregnancy from the Heart” was born!
Remember, it’s all about doing everything #fromtheheart!

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