The Bag-Ground Check

That diaper bag, savior of the hour and culprit of odd smells. How often can you say you love that bag? It should be all the time! Doesn’t that thing spend more time with you than your significant other? Wait, is it’s also your significant other’s bag? Oh this is a good affair, this bag better be all you dream it to be…and not break the bank.

Since we carry it everywhere and all the time for every occasion (even those rare occasions where the kid stays with grandma), it has become my daily purse. I’m not sure about you, but I refuse to carry multiple bags, or a bag and a purse and a public bag combo situation. This bag better hold it all. Plus when the kid gets heavier so does the bag! So it’s got to be comfortable to carry. Ready? I am set to find the right bag that meets the criteria below (HGTV reno music in the background).

  • Budget Friendly – say < $100 max (< $150 exceptions below)
  • Unisex- for my partner in crime and I
  • All-occasion kind of design, so, very neutral not too sporty
  • Spacious – avoid the Publix bags, yes, even those canvas ones!
  • Comfortable to carry it all, preferably a backpack. I need all my arms and shoulders to go after my toddler!

Under $100

Skip Hop Forma Backpack, Black from Skip Hop $62.99
Dark navy, GrayBlue chevron canvas backpack diaper bag, Design by BagyBags $98.70









Leke Diaper Bags (Light Grey) $49.99
HADAKI Women’s Market Pack $59.95











Babymel ‘Harlow’ Diaper Backpack $100
Skip Hop Duo Diaper Backpack, Grey from Skip Hop $65












Up to $150

PacaPod Hastings Diaper Bag in Mocha at Bed Bath and Beyond $129.99
Honest City Backpack $149.99












Storksak Brooke Backpack Diaper Bag, Black at Amazon $146.99
‘City’ Faux Leather Diaper Backpack $149.99