The Final Bag-Ground Check: The not-diaper-bag bag

This is the minimal not-diaper-bag…diaper backpack, does that make sense? It didn’t make as much sense to us when we tried to search for the one diaper backpack we wanted. While searching for the perfect backpack to share with my husband we decided to go off the exclusive diaper backpack route and explore other routes (brands). Meaning, I had 1000 tabs open of potential bags we wanted to look at. Some we were able to find in most stores in Miami. Some were strictly online.

Instead of each having a separate diaper bag, we carry just one for both of us. I didn’t personally care for colorful backpacks or owning lots of different ones, nor having something with a million pockets on it. A minimal design is important to carry it at all occasions. All from playdates to picnics to the occasional swanky event. It also needs to be gender neutral for dad to feel just as comfortable as mom wearing it (hey compromise, right?). Next, we’re looking also for practicality and comfort to reduce levels of diaper changing stress. Finally, we are going  to stay in the <$150 budget, but ugh, I want this. Any who, check out our narrowed down list below, yes, narrowed! (-Said the woman with 1000 open tabs for the past week)

First, here was some criteria that helped us narrow the list:

-We found that drawstring closures were time consuming when you needed quick access for a diaper or wipes so those were excluded. Although these were pretty tempting.

Multiple Clasps like those from most biking bags weren’t as efficient either. But take a look at a good contender here.

Roll up bags have great design but again, not efficient when handling a kid or looking for something inside the bag constantly. Some have wonderful designs, however, here.

The bags:

Ruskin Backpack in Black Polecat by Herschel Supply Co. $69.99. Great bang for you buck. Easy to maintain clean both inside and outside. Basic compartments for diapers and wide enough for bottles and toys. Modern material, classical design.
‘Brave’ Vegan Leather Backpack by Matt & Nat $135. This brand is very neat and the design of this back seems like it was done to fit the requirements of this search. Hits all the points on the list: Comfort, style, budget, space and accessibility. Available in white here.
Calibre Black Alliance Backpack by Hex $79.95 This is a very spacious and comfortable to wear backpack. It’s got compartments on the inside and a convenient large front pocket.
Settlement Backpack in Poly Coat Metal by Herschel Supply Co. $80 at Base in Lincoln Road Mall. Nice and clean design. Polycoat material is super easy to wipe on the outside so don’t be afraid of it’s sleek white color! Basic, essential compartments inside and out.
R Backpack by Adida’s Stella McCartney $150. This bag is compact and sturdy. It also has necessary compartments and sleek minimal design.
Runner Bag Backpack by Rains $107. This bag has great compartments outside for sippy cups and water bottles, adjustable shoulder straps and one compartment on the inside. Obviously, beautiful design and resistant material.
Parker Backpacking Quarry Tarpaulin by Herschel Supply Co. $129.99. This tarpaulin material is amazingly smooth and you bet it is easy to clean. Its zippers are waterproof, straps are adjustable and comfortable and it has minimal yet essential compartments.
Surge Run Backpack by Lululemon $138. Durable for sports, like running after your kid. Weather durable, super lightweight and minimal design good for all occasions.
Simple Bag in Black by Langly $125. This is a camera bag but has minimal yet essential compartments fit for a diaper backpack. Wide enough to fit multiple bottles and diapers for longer days. Convenient side pockets. Durable military-grade canvas and hardware material.
Cycling Range Backpack by INCASE $119.95. This is a cycling bag which entails durability from weather and daily wear. Quick to access your gear form the top. Multiple compartments but bag stays compacted.
Dual Mini Office Leather Backpack by Mochithings $119.95. A more classical approach design-wise. It’s a much smaller bag than most bags but it has essential compartments enough to be a practical diaper bag.
Settlement Backpack in Black by Herschel Supply Co. at Base Miami $129.99. Tarpaulin is one of the most contemporary textiles I’ve ever seen on a bag yet. The body of the bag is made of this material and it’s all one thick durable layer of it. It’s water resistant on both sides for sippy cup and what-not spills (inside and out). Wear and tear resilient and comfortable to wear.
Stinson Echo Backpack in Charcoal Canvas by Hex $79.95. Classic clean design. Durable waxed canvas. Super comfortable and adjustable straps. Easy access front pocket with magnetic clasp.