Wear: Swimsuits for a Miami Mom

I am sooooo glad that high-waisted bathings suits are back in style, aren’t you? I’m personally trying to cover my scar and contain some postpartum giggly belly, remember?. Sun on my stretch marks (tiger stripes) or scars can make them change colors and I am all for owning my tiger stripes but not…chameleon looking stuff. lol. Lucky for me, these brands offer great designs that fit great and let me run around freely after my kid this summer.

Also, can we address the heat situation? It can’t be all suits and bikinis, man! You know, there’s adult versions of rash guards that are #momlife approved, I promise. Read more:

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I got two of the previous list of bathing suits that I posted and my friend K sent me a link to these Kortni Jeane swimsuits that you can mix and match with beautiful prints and different styles. I can’t pick one! I need many.

Seafolly Women’s Coast to Coast High Neck Maillot Swimsuit $95


Rad Swim Sydney Tankini $42

prAna Women’s Brigitte Sun Top $29.87

Cups Seaside Gale Falbala High-waited Bikini $19.99

New Surfing Summer Beach Rash Guard Women Long Sleeve Shirt Swimwear $11.99

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Unique Vintage Women’s Classic High Waist Ruched Monroe Bikini Bottom $41.65

Vitamin A Swimwear Women’s Cannes Cropped Rashguard Riviera Stripe Rash Guard Shirt $82

What are your favorite mom friendly swimsuits for this summer?

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