Short Thought: Minimalist Life

In college I lived in a tiny room and slept in a twin bed and a few things that could easily fit in my car. Because of the small space, everything I owned was carefully thought and it had to be of purpose. I was into minimalism then, read a minimalist blog and wrote some…

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Family Garage Sale Day

The holidays are near and if you’re trying to declutter this might be a good chance to do so.  Not only you can make some extra money but you’d be recycling and repurposing items that would otherwise be bought new without the need. Save the environment the trouble 🙂 you know? How it works: Sign-up here to save your…

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Baby & Tot Book Swap

I’m a big fan of up-cycling and buying ‘second hand’ in an effort to: one, spend waaay less money and two, not promote mass production/ big corporations as much as I can…blah, blah, blah, to save the environment, you get it. It’s not easy to engage others in shopping second hand stores for kid-related things (although most of my son’s…

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